Getting to know: Red Maker

Not traditionally known for it’s rock musician output, today we’re headed for Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with:

Red Maker

Introduce your members, what do each of you bring to the band?

Kyle: Morgan on bass and vocals, Sam on drums, Kyle on guitar. Morgan brings the alternative rock vibe Sam brings the surf rock, Kyle brings the classic rock. Each member brings something different to the table which really creates our unique sound.

Sam: Morgan brings the puffs, Kyle brings the beer, and I just have the practice space.

When did you last speak to your families?

Kyle: I talk to my parents everyday.

Sam: Everyday, which is a nice change.

Morgan: I talk to my parents everyday.

What are your instrument makes/models of choice and why? Which effects could you not live without?

Kyle: Recently I’ve been digging the Wolfgang standard. It’s got a nice lightweight slick feeling too it. The neck is really smooth and fast. It’s just a blast to play. I cannot live without a TS9 style overdrive as it brings so many dynamic tones into our style. Also I have to have a little bit of reverb. 

Sam: Currently I play an 8-peice Gretsch Energy, all Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth 7AN sticks. I feel like the big kit catches the eye better, especially since we’re in an indie band, and it’s not very common. Couldn’t live without my 20″ K heavy ride, love the sound of it, and I’m desperately in need of another 18″ Zildjian A Rezo Crash. 

Morgan: I’ve mainly been using an Austin semi-hollow body and a Line 6 Spider IV. A set up I get made fun of for often. I’d say I can’t live without those chorus pedals. I have to tell myself half the time not to add that shit to everything like hot sauce.

What are the defining characteristics of Red Maker?

Kyle: Morgan’s vocals are probably the biggest defining characteristic. I’ve never heard anything like it

Sam: Ever since picking up Kyle on guitar, I feel it’s pretty unique to Red Maker how much that guy shreds. I haven’t seen any other band like us, with a guitar player rippin’ like he does on his EVH. That thing ain’t no Fender Jaguar.

Morgan: Image is one for sure. We tend to dress pretty colorfully, and our hair and gear are all covered with flowers and greenery. It was meant to be an attention grabber and I’d say it works. Either people know our name well enough by the image or just say “it’s the flower band”.

If you could have a DC or Marvel superhero as a member of your band, who would it be and what role would they have? Which band member would they have to fight to get the position and who would win?

Kyle: Black Widow as a groupie…for obvious reasons (Ed: Note: Misogyny Alert).

Sam: I’m gonna say Thor. He’s got the hair, he’s got the beard. And he wouldn’t have to fight anyone, we just need a bass player so Morgan can get back on guitar.

Morgan: Batman for sure! Handsome frontman, rich enough to pay for everything. I’d be living a life of luxury. But we can’t let him in until he fights Sam. It would happen at some point anyways so we may as just get it over with.

What are you working on at the moment?

Kyle: We just finished up our summer string of shows, we are going to start the writing process for our next album. 

Sam: Finishing our first album, and finding a new graphic designer.

Morgan: Right now it’s finishing getting the album out and then immediately back into writing another one. Don’t really have the luxury of letting people wait for our work since we constantly need money coming in.

Who are your favourite bands/artists/songwriters/musicians?

Kyle: Favourite guitarists are Scotti Hill (Skid Row), Vito Bratta (White Lion), Dime Bag Darrell (Pantera) and Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen)

Sam: Uhhhhh, John Densmore (the Doors), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Nick Menza (Megadeth). As far as bands, Tijuana Panthers, Dirty Fences, The Cosmonauts, Jacuzzi Boys,  The Beach Boys, Suicidal Tendencies, I could go on. Other than that, Willie Nelson, John Denver, Eddie Noack. I’ll just stop there. 

Morgan: Anything Dax Riggs has done has had major influence on me. I wanted to be a death metal singer because of him and when he started doing Deadboy and the Elephantman, that’s when I wanted to do the indie garage rock thing. Otherwise I’m going with Cannibal Corpse.

Who is your favourite author, which is their best book and why?

Sam: Favourite author, recently, Harlan Ellison. “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” is probably his most popular, with good reason. One of my favourite books is just a collection of his short stories. Highly recommend.

Morgan: Don’t really read a whole lot of books but I just read Hellbound Heart a short while ago and holy sheeiit! Clive Barker knows how to make things uncomfortable. Totally loved it I finished it in like 3 days.

When is your next single/album likely to be released? What is it called and where can we get it in our ears? Why should we buy it?

Morgan: It’s hopefully soon! It’ll be our self titled debut. Available everywhere you can find it. Gotta buy it so you’re not some dweeb with a lame record collection. Wouldn’t you want that album before they were cool.

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