About SpoonMan

My Weapon of Choice

While not pounding his ears with music, SpoonMan likes to write, eat, and force Science Fiction into his eyes.

SpoonMan, also known as Dan, is, on average, a sort of youngish middle-aged writer who has wide ranging interests from Rock Music to… well what else is there really?

Okay, so I also like other kinds of music but I was raised in a house full of older brothers and it was the seventies/early eighties so the prevailing wind at home tended to be spotty teenage metal and punk.

Outside of listening to it I also create some of my own and after a recent hiatus (of about fifteen years) have just started to produce some new tracks, which should hopefully turn up on SoundCloud or YouTube before too long.

I read a lot of books and have even written one of my own, a sort of time-travel adventure. I’m working on my second book, a comedy urban fantasy about a failed vampire, but these things take time so don’t hold your breath.

I tend towards the sci-fi in my reading and viewing but my favourite author, philosopher and downright genius is Terry Pratchett.

I’m married to a wonderful woman who puts up with my foibles in a shockingly calm way. We have two kids and a cat with some personality defects.

Oh yeah…


The reviews on this site are done by me and therefore reflect my own taste and musical experiences, your own tastes, and that of the bands I’m reviewing, may differ. Please don’t take offence if I don’t “feel” your tunes, they’re just not right for me!

Oh yes, I also recently got myself going on Mastodon, so come follow me for posts about music and…other stuff!

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