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Album Review – Little King: Amuse De Q


Today we’ve been invited to listen to the new long(ish) player from:

Little Kings

Here’s a track by track rundown…

Little King seem to have many influences – however they all appear to hail from the early punk and alternative scenes of the sixties and seventies. This shows up in each and every track, most of which can be pinned down to sounding like a particular artist, or an amalgamation of a few bands in some cases.

This isn’t incredibly obvious at the start but becomes more apparent as the album progresses, as the first couple of tracks start off like a nod to The Strokes. The first song, Bombs Away, is extremely Strokes-y, but as if Steve Evetts (who was the man behind the sound of Broken Lines by Giraffe Tongue Orchestra) produced it. A punchy start!

Track two, Keyboard Soldier, once again has instrument sounds taken almost directly from Is This It, but this time produced by the spiritual successor of Chris Thomas, who you may know as the man behind the Sex Pistols.

How Could You is a bit more laid back, sounding like some mad scientist genetically spliced the Velvet Underground with The Levellers then ran away laughing to themselves.

I can only liken Set It Down to something by mid-era The Damned, with slightly spooky half whispered, half spoken vocals over a randomly thrown in country-and-western style lead guitar line.

Melpomene (one of the nine Greek Muses, patron of tragedy and lyre playing(?)) is an instrumental track which sounds like an outtake from Rush‘s 2112 sessions.

The title track sticks with Rush but throws David Bowie into the mix, the chorus sounds exactly as you’d imagine it would if Geddy Lee and Bowie were harmonising.

Last but not least is Omega Son which takes a weird turn towards Paul Di’Anno vintage Iron Maiden, right down to a Dave Murray-a-like guitar solo.

I’m not sure I sound like I’m really giving Little King the respect they deserve, they are obviously fine musicians, and if you’re “thing” is listening to interesting reworkings of various sixties and seventies punk/new wave/alternative sounds then this will be right up your alley, but for my money I think they need to find a sound of their own and stick to it.

Amuse De Q will be released on the 3rd of September and will be available in all the regular musical outlets.